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Finally, the imaging service line from Laura’s point of view

Patients expect and deserve compassionate care and personalized service. And, when the left hand knows exactly what the right hand is doing, when the patient feels she is being seen as a whole person, and when offering a convenient appointment time for the patient is as important to the provider as it is to the patient, it undeniably shows.

“IDNs that want their imaging service line to provide a seamless patient experience require a workflow orchestration layer. Only Medicalis can offer this.”

Medicalis Value Driven Workflow Solutions increase physician productivity, improves utilization for health systems and supports a measurable standard of care for patients.

Imaging Service Lines have become essential for regional IDNs

Nine aspects to contemplate, each acting like a gear in a clock, which together will allow your imaging service line to run like clockwork.
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Medicalis optimizes quality, productivity and market share for Integrated Delivery Networks. Deliver seamless, appropriate and evidence based care for personalized engagements between referring physicians and patients.

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